Survival Language


Ever need to travel to a country where you don’t even know how to speak the most basic phrases in that language? How can you help travelers learn the bare minimum language to survive within days before their trip?


Woman by Jasmin Chew

Joann Mendoza, 27

Joann is a teacher who is in school to get her master's degree. She lives with and cares for her mother.

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Known Languages: 2

Woman by Anastasia Malai

Henrietta Newton, 34

Henrietta is a novelist with 2 children. She has worked as an editor and travels frequently. She brings her family with her when she travels.

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Man by Prince Akachi

Rehan Ford, 45

Rehan is a musician and a new father. He grew up in a small town and has never been out of the country.

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Teen by Peter John Manlapig

Rida Donald, 17

Rida is a senior in high school. She loves doing activities with her family and friends. Rida wants to be journalist.


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User's Need

My mother taught me to speak her native language. It would be fun for us to travel and learn a language together.

Joann M.

My children need an easy way to learn the language when we travel. I want them to be able to get around and explore themselves.

Henrietta N.

I don't even know where to start when it comes to learning a different language.

Rehan F.

As an aspiring journalist I need something that I can rely on to learn the basics when I start to travel the world.

Rida D.



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