Travelling Climates


It’s one thing to know what the weather is like in your travel destination, and it’s quite another thing to be totally prepared for temperature or altitude changes so that you stay fit and healthy during the trip.


Woman by Toa Heftiba

Melody Berry, 29

Melody is a marine biologist and travels to different parts of the world for work. She's very busy and rarely gets time to settle down.

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Tech Experience:

Avg Trips per Year: 3

Teen Boy by Szabo Viktor

Eduardo Suarez, 17

Eduardo travels with family and makes 1 big trip a year. He loves to experience all the different cusines and join in on the festivals.

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Tech Experience: ►►►►►

Avg Trips per Year: 1

Man by Brandon Atchison

Jonathon Booker, 32

Jonathon travels with US military and travels mainly by sea. He likes to explore the countries that their ship is docked in with his friends.

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Tech Experience: ►►

Avg Trips per Year: 7

Woman by Leio McLaren

Eesha Thornee, 26

Lifestyle coach and blogger. Eesha travels the world to blog about where to find great hiking spots. She loves to meet new people and learn about different cultures.

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Tech Experience: ►►►►►

Avg Trips per Year: 10+

User's Need

I get seasick and everytime my friends and I go exploring, I get more sick.

Jonathon B.

I don't have much time to figure out how to stay healthy while travelling.

Melody B.

I think that this app would be great because I hike a lot. I want to give my viewers something easy to use and stay healthy.

Eesha T.

I'm the planner of the family. I want to be prepared for our trips so that everyone has a good time.

Eduardo S.


Plan of Action: Design a product that helps travelers prepare and acclimatize fast for their trip so they don't miss a minute of fun.


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