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I’m Lynne and I love coding my world with colorful, fun and beautiful designs.


Hello! I'm Lynne. Coding and design has been a great outlet for me to bring visions to life. This portfolio is to showcase some things I’ve learned along my journey.

I am so thrilled that I get to share my passion of design with the world.

I recently made the switch in careers from working in a pharmacy for the last ten years to joining the dev community in July of 2020. I enjoy learning what this field has to offer and am currently looking for a fun design/coding team that sees my creative potential and willing to take a chance on me. I play hard, but work even harder.

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I create and build using


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Challenges & Projects

I'm always open to new challenges to build up my profile.

My Online Portfolio

It feels so great to finally put all the code I learned into an online portfolio.

New Career Hunt

Searching for jobs is extremely daunting especially since I've been in a very different career for the last 10 years.

Code Cards: Image Change on Hover

Making these cards really helped me understand code a little better.

Jumping into Figma

I really wanted to talk about Figma and share how cool it is!

Asking for Help for Introverts

I realized that's not a bad thing to ask for help or a burden to ask questions.

My First Step into JavaScript Beginner Projects

I closed the chip bag and I finally finished the JavaScript book!

Exploring Feedback for Better Understanding

Thank you to everyone who has been so kind and supportive.

Finally Understanding JavaScript

I never had been so excited to read a book and try out the exercises!

What Motivates You?

I'm still struggling a little with deeply understanding some JavaScript concepts, but I'm trusting the method of repetition.

Organizing Time to Learn

At one point I thought my brain was going to explode tags and variables all over my computer.

Today's the Day!

What I realized is that my position didn't offer what I wanted to do with my skills. Build.

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Create a book using HTML and CSS.

Make a plant in Figma using just two shapes!

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Really cool place to design and collaborate.

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Highlight Tabs with React