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About Me

Hi! I'm Lynne and I'm so happy you stopped by!

I am a designer, a creator, a builder, and a friend. I love art and food (especially carbs).

I love crafting things and design is a creative outlet for me. It allows me to bring things to life and to convey messages that sometimes we don't have the words for. I feel like a good design can look pretty but a great design leaves a lasting impression.

I'm experienced in design, leadership, delegation, and education. I have worked in various roles that enhanced my abality to be more organized, work more efficiently, manage time better, adapt to changes, and work harder.

I love to learn and keep on growing. I embrace changes without forgetting the initial values.

Meeting new people is fun for me. So don't be shy to say hello! ➟ 👋 Say hi!

💻 tech
👩‍🎨 design
🛫 travel
🍟 carbs
🧋 boba

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UI/UX Tip ➟ Include critical information on your landing page to entice your audience like a headline, a brief description, and a call to action.

UI/UX Tip ➟ Flash messages are meant to gives users immediate feedback. Your message should be as clear as possible.

UI/UX Tip ➟ Save time and reduce user errors by providing only essential fields and keeping your sign up pages simple.

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